Our bodies are recreated hourly, daily, monthly, yearly. What we put into our bodies creates our bodies. Food is both medicine and raw material necessary for body tissues and healthy biochemistry. Your diet may be assessed and suggestions made on how and what to eat based on your goals and specific health needs. You will gain understanding of how specific foods impact your body and we will identify and monitor the appropriate vitamins and/or nutritional supplements required by your system. Much experience shows that sensitivities or, mal processing of certain foods can be the cause of many ill symptoms in the body – including headaches, fatigue, skin conditions, digestive issues, mood issues, inflammatory conditions, arthritis, weight gain and more. Depending on your complaints, food sensitivity testing may be recommended. Anti-inflammatory eating, hypoallergenic eating, Low FODMAPs, SCD, Paleo, Keto plans maybe tools used for periods of time depending on what we are treating. No one way of eating is best for every person in every situation. Always, you will be taught the best way to eat in general for your body, for maintaining good health.

Food matters. It’s the foundation of your health, and clinical experience demonstrates that it is a powerful tool in recovering from anything.