Emotional Freedom Technique is an incredibly helpful tool for resolving strong emotions and feelings that hold us back, and sabotage us from being our best selves. It is a tool for release. Many of our health issues are entwined with our psychology; hypertension, IBS, insomnia, anxiety, depression, avoidant behaviour, headaches, ulcers, back pain, and unhealthy eating behaviours just to name a few.

EFT is a technique that helps to re-wire our brain, to release old, unhelpful belief patterns and to replace them with healthier truths. It’s a tool to release shame, eliminate phobias and to build self-esteem.

EFT simple technique that involves tapping on acupuncture points. We identify the key issues that are sometimes hiding in the subconscious mind, and bring them into the conscious mind. We re-frame them and correct the subconscious understanding of the issue. And tap it in. It really works.

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